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  商品名稱: Schlumberger Symmetry 2018 build 252
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Schlumberger Symmetry 2018 build 252
Schlumberger Symmetry 2018 build 252 | 
The Virtual Materials Group (VMG) product team is pleased to announce the availability of Symmetry 2018 is a comprehensive simulator that captures all aspects of your models from reservoir to product distribution. The Symmetry platform is built using VMG’s industry proven simulation technologies that have been optimized to scale to your engineering needs.

Symmetry Platform 2018 Release Highlights:

Symmetry, the new process software platform from VMG, extends the scope of modeling capability from VMGSim by integrating tailored workspaces for Pipe, Flare and Field while delivering an upgraded user experience. As an existing user you should feel right at home since the Symmetry platform builds upon familiar workflows and the core of process simulation technology that comes from VMGSim. Your existing simulation cases will recall in the VMGSim workspace and remain unchanged. The Symmetry platform also provides a new User Experience that offers a wealth of new functionality while preserving the original workflows and layout of information for most unit operations and productivity tools.


- New user interface
- New simulation workspaces added
. Pipe Workspace - Rigorous dynamic and steady-state multiphase modeling for complex pipe networks
. Flare Workspace - All-inclusive relief system analysis with integrated PSV, network header and stack design
. Field Workspace - Fully integrated gas reservoir and multiphase gathering system with forecasting functionality
- Support for 64 bit version
- Several enhancements and additions to the Petrochemical and Refinery Reactor suite
- New unit operations
. Bath heater
. Digital logic
. Direct column
Product: Schlumberger Symmetry
Version: 2018 build 252
Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit
Website Home Page :
Language: english, russian
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer