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  商品名稱: Splice Sounds – Neon 80s Zenhiser Synthwave WAV
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Splice Sounds – Neon 80s Zenhiser Synthwave WAV
Time warp back to the 80’s with this classic collection of sonically rich samples, loops, and one shots. Featuring a wide variety of retro inspired melodies ’80’s Crush’ diversifies itself between the college sophomore days of 80’s California students with the neon feel of Miami’s nightlife.

Imagine an innocent world where times were simpler, John Hughes style movie soundtracks merged with summer boom box parties. Fluro reigned supreme, hairstyles were your status symbol and innocent kisses were your biggest concern. ’80’s Crush’ captures this era perfectly with 520 signature sounds of the decade. Focusing heavily on the emotions of the time, this 80s sound pack fuses emotive soundtrack melodies with warm expansive loops giving the end user a full depository of memorable tools that will tug on the heart strings. This spacious collection from Zenhiser focuses heavily on drum beats, the foundations of any track, 225 eighties beats ensures concrete footings to your next track. 25 Full mix loops with individual parts is your go to stockpile of contrasting emotive melodies, 5 song starters delivers premium level productions at your fingertips, a carefully selected one shot hoard will turn your sampler into an 80’s nest egg and will bring serious programming heat to any new ideas you may have.

We strongly recommend ’80’s Crush’, it’s perfectly suited to producers looking for that Synth Wave, Neo 80’s sound. So download ’80’s Crush’ today and experience the warmth, emotion and ambience of one the best decades of music, period.

NOTE: The way dev made it's audio, there is no way to make them listenable here sorry guys
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