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  商品名稱: LEAP Bridge Concrete CONNECT Edition V19 混凝土橋樑設計和分析軟件
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LEAP Bridge Concrete CONNECT Edition V19 混凝土橋樑設計和分析軟件
為設計和施工制定更好的決策,同時讓您的工作流緊密連接,得到加強。交換項目信息,包括橋樑幾何形狀、材料、載荷、預應力鏈模式和抗剪鋼筋。通過 LEAP Bridge Concrete,您可以在一個更先進的工作環境中同時擁有創新的分析、設計和計算載荷的功能。


LEAP Bridge Concrete CONNECT Edition V19 | 1.5 Gb
The Bentley LEAP product team is pleased to announce the availability of LEAP Bridge Concrete V19 (Build is a powerful modeling and analysis solution for small to medium concrete bridges of all types: precast, cast-in-place, reinforced, and post-tensioned. This release contains enhancements and bug fixes.

LEAP Bridge Concrete CONNECT Edition V19 M1 (Jun 25,2019)

We recently identified several important issues in the past market version of LEAP Bridge Concrete. Details of those issues are listed below. We have fixed the issues in the maintenance release version

Main module
- Crashing issue when the change made in ABC Wizard was saved.
- Precast/Prestressed Girder module (formerly called CONSPAN)
- Unable to run the analysis through for some old LEAP Bridge Concrete files.
Substructure module (formerly called RC-PIER)
- Intermittent error messages “Frame Analysis Failed! Frame Model Unstable.” popped up when some user files were run for analysis.
- Incorrect steel reinforcement layout was used at top location of pier column in the column design check.
Spliced Girder module (formerly called CONSPLICE)
- Unable to define/edit loads and load combinations at various construction stages.

LEAP Bridge Concrete a fully integrated bridge Geometry, Substructure, and Superstructure analysis, design, and rating software for Precast and Cast-in-place (CIP) post-tensioned or reinforced concrete box girder or slab bridges built on falsework. You are joining a select group of professional engineers who use LEAP Bridge to perform efficient and accurate designs everyday. Even if you are new to computer-aided design software, you will find LEAP Bridge Concrete easy to use. If you are an expert, you will appreciate the fully integrated features that make LEAP Bridge Concrete a very powerful design tool.

In this video, review how to create a multi-span bridge in LEAP Bridge Concrete. 

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Product: LEAP Bridge Concrete
Version: CONNECT Edition V19 (Build
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