商品編號: DVDXX17028
  商品名稱: MicroFocus VMExplorer 7.1.1 x64 虛擬機資源管理器
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MicroFocus VMExplorer 7.1.1 x64 虛擬機資源管理器
VM Explorer是針對VMware vSphere和Microsoft Hyper-V環境的低成本,易於使用且可靠的備份解決方案。 數分鐘之內,您就可以通過直觀,易於導航的Web界面集中管理對磁盤,磁帶和雲的備份。高級備份功能包括增量備份和複製,快照集成以及對領先雲平台的本機雲支持。 通過即時VM恢復,從雲中直接文件級還原,加密和驗證,VM Explorer可以在虛擬環境中提供彈性,效率和敏捷性!VM Explorer適用於VMware vSphere和Microsoft Hyper-V環境的VM備份和複製!可幫助中小型企業保護關鍵的虛擬服務器和數據。

VM Explorer is a low-cost, easy-to-use and reliable backup solution for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments. Within minutes you can start centrally managing your backups to disk, tape and cloud through an intuitive and easy-to-navigate web interface. Advanced backup capabilities include incremental backups and replication, snapshot integration and native cloud support for leading Cloud platforms. With instant VM recovery, direct file level restore from the cloud, encryption, and verification, VM Explorer delivers resiliency, efficiency and agility in your virtual environments.The following documentation explains the main tasks required for configuration and daily use of VM Explorer.

All-in-one VM data protection
Backup and replicate ESX and ESXi standalone servers, vCenter virtual datacenter, Microsoft Hyper-V server as well as a Hyper-V Cluster on all operating systems supported by VMware ESX/ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V server.

High value at a low price
Simple licensing, low pricing, and self-service features enable easy maintenance and eliminate the need for special training – making the overall solution very cost-effective.

Single-click restore
Perform data recovery of VMs in a matter of seconds directly from data backups, reducing unplanned downtime and improving service availability. Granular file-level and Microsoft Exchange recovery enables rapid restore of single files and folders directly from any backup.

Fast and Reliable
Automatically backup data verification, encryption, and active directory integration without disrupting the production environment.

Backup to Disk, Tape, and Cloud
Securely back up and replicate VMs directly to cloud targets including Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, and OpenStack without any intermediary gateway. Automated storage tiering enables seamless movement of backup sets between disk, tape, and cloud.

Easy to Install and Operate
Be up and running in minutes. The configuration requires a few simple clicks to start running data backups and replications of your virtual machines. You can manage the health and status of all scheduled data backup tasks through a single dashboard.

System Requirements:
OS:Windows Server 2008 R2 / 2016
CPU:2 GHz x64 or higher
Memory:8 GB RAM
Space:1 GB free disk space for installation
HyperVisors:VMware ESXi Free 6.0 / VMware ESXi 6.7 / Vcenter 5.0/6.7
Whats New:

-Build 7.1.001. Added support for VSphere 6.7.x
-Updated VDDK to version 6.7.0 on 64-bit systems
-Added support for HPE 3PAR 3.3.1
-Minor bugfixes